Karen Nelson & Robert Baron
Ardrossan, Alberta, Canada
Training, coaching, lessons and board at our indoor facility: Hillside Stable
Compassionate Horse Training
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Compassion:The deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with a wish to relieve it.

Compassionate Horsemanship: The pursuit of gaining an understanding of equines and how our riding and the tools we use affect our
horses so that we can forge a positive partnership.
Karen Nelson owns, runs, and works out of Hillside Stable and strives to help others in pursuit of a positive relationship with their horse.
So many trainers simple follow what they have been taught without understanding the reasoning behind the method, and their students
are left to also blindly follow. Until you understand why and how certain tools or methods work, you may find yourself struggling with
frustration, and being unable to progress.

Our CHT series of articles endeavours to pass on our knowledge and insights to our readers. We want to help you think about your
riding and how you interact with your horse in a new light. These articles are not about quick fixes, or winning ribbons, they are about
understanding your horse and your interaction with your horse for a positive experience all around.

These articles reflect the opinions and experience of the author, and may cover controversial subjects not suited to all readers. I have
divided them into four main categories; Horse Stories, Thoughts & Opinions, Tack & Equipment, and Riding & Training . These articles
and topics are added to monthly. Suggestions and feedback welcome!

The most important tool required to be a great horse person is to approach new ideas with an open mind and to realize that training is a
journey where there is always something new to learn!
Horse Stories
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Tack & Equipment
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Thoughts & Opinions
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Riding & Training
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Horses from my past and present and the lessons they have taught me.
Insights and observations on current issues within the horse world.
Make sense of the different types of horse training equipment out there!  What it does,
as well as when and how to use it.
Functional Equitation and training with compassion. Sharing knowledge that will
help you work with your horse and be more effective.
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